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Peter Liakhov, was born in Russia and moved to Toronto at the age of 7.  He has done bachelor’s in Peace and Conflict Studies; worked as a journalist. Petr was always interested in  the Caucasus, and planned to come to the region.

"At the University of Toronto I completed a baccalaureate in Peace and Conflict Studies, all the while working  for  the independent campus publication, it was during this time that I learned about the history of the  Caucasus in general,  and Armenia in particular: its long history of conflict and survival, its preservation of its culture and religion even  under communism, and most recently, its tenacious victory in the war  for Karabagh. When a professor of  mine informed about the possibility of volunteering for Bars Media, I saw  it as a perfect opportunity and could not  say no. My academic and personal interests, my experience in  Media, and my desire to try do something that matters.  To volunteer for Armenia's first independent  documentary film studio is to help Armenia develop its own strong and  truthful voice. It's helping the world  see itself from a seldom seen perspective. In short, as a volunteer for Bars Media I  do something that  makes a positive impact in Armenia and on the world, all the while building core skills for a  future career in  journalism, filmmaking, and media more broadly"-tells Peter.






Ivy Shin was born and raised in Myanmar (former Burma). Currently student at Royal Holloway, University of London studying Geography, Politics and International Relations, Ivy will be volunteering in Armenia for one month. 


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"I would like to contribute what I had learnt from my past experience as a volunteer to better serve the community in need in Armenia. At the same time, pick up new things as I know different culture have distinctive aspects to it and it cannot be applied using one form of knowledge. This in a way would enhance my knowledge and scope in my volunteering experience. Mainly, from this volunteering experience, I would like to understand the country Armenia from my perspective based on my interaction and knowledge accumulated during this experience. Hence, I am really keen in interacting with the locals, cultures and histories of Armenians. I believe that the valuable experience and interaction skills that I would gain from this volunteering can never be learnt in textbooks or classrooms."



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Диляра наш перый волонтёр из Казахстана.

На вопрос "Почему ты выбрала Армению для волонтёрства?" Диляра ответила: "Я несу кусочек Азии для Армении, которая открыла для меня свои двери".

По профессии менеджер, Диляра будет работаь с детьми разных возрастов и еще помогать нам с одним очень интересным проектом для стран СНГ.

А так же, Диляра живёт с принимающей семьёй, чтобы получше узнавать страну и её людей!

Мы уверены, что этот опыт будет одним из самых лучших в жизне Диляры :)





Our volunteer Marina from Moscow had started to search for opportunities particularly in Armenia from the very beginning.


"For me Armenia is an incredible country. I am attracted so much to its culture, its character, its identity. Since my first arrival two years ago I keep on coming back regularly just to discover something new and always adorable in this country, meet great and interesting people, explore its another beautiful region."

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She has been here several times as a tourist but felt that it was not enough for a more profound experience.

"My life here is far from limited to my volunteer experience. It is also full of communications with co-volunteers, locals, and my University friends in Armenia."

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Marina, volunteered at "Rainbow" and “Ghoghanj” child development centers for 3 weeks and promised to be back to Yerevan very soon.





YES, our volunteers come back over and over to experience Armenia once again and to implement bigger project.

This time Diego is back to Armenia for the third time!

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"Instead of spending a brief time redoing my sightseeing, I wish to throw myself into the middle of Armenian people’s daily life through a volunteering experience via AVC."-says Diego.

After volunteering with AVC in 2013 and in 2014, he joined us this year also with a project on political conceptualization of the diaspora and its institutional characteristics.

We are so happy to have more of such bvroght personalities with AVC!


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