Jaclyn Assarian has joined us from the United States. With a background in International Education, she volunteers at American University of Armenia and French University of Armenia.


IMG 6238To date, Jaclyn has had valuable experience with global programs in higher education from multiple perspectives: at an NGO implementing US government exchanges, at an American university, and working with American faculty and students going abroad and foreign visitors coming to the US.  Her responsibilities at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, as Associate Director for International Programs have been quite varied, and her duties related to US government programs, exchanges, and managing partnerships continue to grow.

Jaclyn is interested ingaining a deeper understanding of how the Armenia’s historical and geographical position affects educational priorities and implementation, both in relation to its neighboring nations and in a post-Soviet context. Her interest in international higher education stems from, and is continually reinforced by, her own time abroad.

“I would love nothing more than to learn more about Armenia’s past and present for myself. This particular combination of personal growth and professional development in a place that I am eager to know is precisely what prompted me to pursue a placement through Pro Corps [AVC Professional Corps]”-says Jaclyn.


Matthew Abbey has joined us from Melbourne, Australia. Quite the globe-trotter, he has volunteered in China, India and Thailand mainly teaching English and working with refugees.

Matthew believes that the opportunity to undertake an internship in Armenia would be beneficial for him as it would open his eyes to a part of the world that he not familiar with. He enjoys getting out of his comfort zone and experiencing an entirely new culture.

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Matthew looks in moving towards a career in human rights, more specifically in the research, documentation and reporting of the way in which human rights, development and conflict are interlinked.   “It is often the most vulnerable people who suffer from the consequences of these issues and I feel the international community too often fails to give them the voice they so desperately need. I want to come to Armenia to be professionally challenged in my working environment. I hope to gain from my placement experience in advocacy and research. I also hope to gain an appreciation for the Armenian culture through creating relationships with coworkers and support staff.”-says Matthew.

We are sure that the volunteering experience with Armenia’s Human Rights Defender’s Office (Ombudsman) will enrich Matthew’s experience in his professional field. 




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Arevik was born in Armenia, and later moved between Armenia and different countries – Georgia, Russia and Germany – with her   family.


She was a mentor when she was in university in Utah; worked with foreign students from Europe to help     them navigate the system, integrate, make program, course and career choices.


Arevik has always appreciated the mutual benefits of volunteerism; for a long time has been thinking        about doing something useful and worthwhile here whenever the opportunity arose.  She has the  opportunity now to do something useful for her ‘Hayrenik’ and use/share some of what she’s learned  abroad. 


“While my skills and expertise assisted me in accomplishing the heights I once dreamt about, I believe all  this becomes obsolete unless I seize the opportunity to invest my knowledge in the betterment of the    country of my origins, the part of which I am proud to be.”- says Arevik.


Arevik is going to give classes at School #130 and assist Armenian start-ups in their business plans. 



Rony Johan is our first ever volunteer from Indonesia


Having had an Armenian friend in Indonesia, Rony had a big dream to one day be a volunteer in Armenia.  So he found Armenian Volunteer Corps. He especially wanted to do something related children and elder care.

Many people have a lot of problems (such as illness, disability, loneliness and mental health issues), and I would be so happy to have the opportunity to give them care, love, attention, and happiness. When I can bring happiness to them will give me happiness.  As long as we have the desire, I'm sure that we can do anything,and I believe that anything we can do will be useful for those who really need it.” – says Rony.

Rony will be volunteering at Prkutyun Salvation NGO and at a home for the elderly. He will live with one of our host-families and will also take Armenian language classes twice a week at AVC. 


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