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With over 15 years’ experience as the leading volunteer placement organization in Armenia, Armenian Volunteer Corps offers an exciting program for those who aren’t interested in being
“just another tourist.”  You will be immersed in this centuries-old culture by exploring the breathtaking beauty of Armenian lands as you volunteer and work side-by-side with local citizens,
to achieve a deeper understanding of their lives while simultaneously contributing to the country’s overall growth and development.  With constant support from local staff, you will travel
throughout the south of Armenia, an area generally considered untouched by traditional tour routes, to get a glimpse of this undiscovered splendor. Join us June 18 to 29!


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 * If the dates are not convinient for you, you can still join our Volunteer Corps and Professional Corps programs year round.


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Watch the video for a little taste of the trip:



Arrive at Zvartnots International Airport; transfer to Yerevan hotel and check-in.   Your stay in Armenia will begin with Yerevan, the capital and center of the country.  Yerevan is home to over one million Armenians and a bustling cultural and social scene.  Constantly alive with activity, replete with museums, art galleries, live music and theatre, outdoor cafes and restaurants, boutiques and outdoor markets, the city is large enough to keep you continuously enamored with its culture yet sized such that you can conveniently and quickly reach most locations in the city on foot.  As the epicenter of a culture with a centuries-long history, Yerevan is an exquisite mix of ancient and modern that is sure to charm all its visitors.  During your time in Yerevan, you will be staying at the charming Villa Delenda.  Besides being a modern establishment with a traditional Armenian atmosphere, Villa Delenda, along with its two other sister locations in Armenia, is run by the Family Care Foundation.  Family Care Foundation is a humanitarian non-governmental organization dedicated to improving the lives of Armenian citizens by improving the quality of health care and cultural and economic development.

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Today will be dedicated to visiting some of the most iconic spots in Yerevan.  You will begin first with visiting Erebuni museum and fortress.  A 3,000 year old fortress from the Urartian period, Erebuni is an impressive reminder of the ancient and extensive history of Armenia, testimony of the fact that Yerevan-Erebuni is one of the oldest constantly inhabited cities in the world.   From Erebuni museum you will make your way to the museum of the great and influential Armenian director, Sergei Parajanov, best known for his film, “Color of Pomegranates.”  Hailed both by his contemporaries and since as a genius in the realms of art and film, this museum will provide you a glimpse into the life of one of Armenia’s – and the film world’s -- most revered filmmakers.  After lunch, it’s on to Tsitsernakaberd - Armenian Genocide monument and museum.  The towering monument, dedicated to the memory of the 1.5 million Armenians who were killed by the Young Turks in the first genocide of the twentieth century is a haunting example of a violent and barbaric episode of human history but also demonstrates how Armenians have since, not only survived, but thrived.  The twelve slanted slabs represent the twelve formerly Armenian provinces taken by Ottoman Turkey during the genocide, the large stele symbolizes the rebirth of the Armenian people, and the central flame, always lit, signifies the eternal and undying spirit of the Armenian.

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On day three, you will be taken on an off-roading excursion through the countryside.  During the tour we will be making several stops to visit various historical and cultural sites including Khor Virap Monastery, the site of the beginning of Christianity in Armenia and where Mount Ararat rises dramatically over the countryside, as well as the breathtaking Smbadaberd fortress.  We end the day with dinner and overnight in Yeghegnadzor.

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DAY 4 TO 7
Day 4 begins with a visit of the medieval center of learning at Gladzor University/Tanahat, following which we set off for our home for the next four days, Gomk.  Here you will immerse yourself in community service and discovery.  The small village of Gomk in Vayots Dzor has a population of less than 240 but the spirit and vitality of the people matches that of a city on an exponentially larger size.  Here and in the surrounding areas, you will begin to better understand local customs, traditions and mentalities.  By working side-by-side with the inhabitants of the region, you will see how the average Armenian citizen lives and what their hopes, challenges and views are and consequently, you will gain a deeper understanding of life overall in Armenia, beyond the superficial.  In addition to the designated community service project in Gomk, there will also be time for adventure, including a half-day on horseback exploring the scenic, ancient wonders of the area; and each day will be capped off with a wonderful meal and lively conversation with your native counterparts and homestay families.

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Today is one of the longer days. After an early breakfast, you will make your way the magical resort of Jermuk nestled in the mountains and forests of Vayots Dzor. After lunch by the river, you continue farther south into the Syunik region. The southern regions of Armenia are considered among the country’s best-kept secrets as they are less-visited than other regions but those who make sure to see it become captivated by its natural splendor. You stop at the fascinating Zorats Karer, thought to be an ancient Stonehenge-type observatory, before winding your way down to the town of Goris, your base for the next two days.


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This day includes a visit to Tatev monastery, founded in the 4th century and an important education center in the 9thand 10th centuries. Weather permitting, we will travel to Tatev via the world’s longest aerial tram, the ‘Wings of Tatev.’ After a hike down to Devil’s Bridge you continue to the village of Khndzoresk and its incredible cave village and suspension bridge.

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devils bridge

DAY 10
It’s another early day today as you have much to see and discover still. From Goris, it’s on to Areni wine country.  Areni village has a longstanding tradition of producing savory wines appetizing to any palate.  In fact, international archeologists have discovered evidence of the world’s oldest winery to be located in Areni!  Archeologists unearthed remnants of a wine press, fermentation and storage vessels, drinking cups and dried grape vines, dating back over 6,100,  demonstrating Areni’s enduring legacy and expertise in the realm of viticulture. You will visit the cave where this ancient winepress, as well as the world’s oldest shoe, was discovered.   You continue to nearby Noravank where you will witness the ethereal beauty of the two-story St. Astvatsatsin Church.  A former monastery from the 13th century, St. Astvatsatsin is surrounded by numerous delicately carved and detailed “khachkars” (cross stones).  Once a major cultural and educational hub, Noravank is still an exceptional site to visit due to its location overlooking a visually striking landscape and the cultural and historical significance of the structures within.   After a fulfilling day, it’s time to return to Yerevan.

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DAY 11
Today you discover Garni temple, a remarkable remnant from Armenia’s pagan past.  The Hellenistic style temple, originally dedicated to the god Mithra, is situated amid a picturesque and scenic landscape.  Next is the Geghard monastery built in 1215.  Carved out of the side of a mountain, it is a massive structural feat and it is widely believed that Geghard, which means spear in Armenian, was so named because the spear that pierced the skin of Christ was brought here.  After lunch you discover another gem, Lake Sevan.  Remember that at 2000 meters, the sun is strong!  Tonight is also the farewell dinner, so get ready for some delicious food and drink with live music as you say goodbye to your time in Armenia.  But only for a little while - anyone who gets to see Armenia for the first time won’t be gone for too long!

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DAY 12
Transfer to Zvartnots Airport.


*** Itinerary may be subject to change ***

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NEW DEADLINE: APRIL 15! Very few spots left!


Registration is open till March 15. Join us! 


Register here space is limited to the first 12 paid registrants


Paypal payusing2  You can PAY with your credit card using PayPal (please, click on the PayPal icon for the payment)

(account managed by our sister organization Birthright Armenia). 

The first payment of US $625 is due immediately upon registering, otherwise your spot cannot be guaranteed. 

PDF2 file50x50 Itinerary PDF2 file50x50 Terms/Registration Information PDF2 file50x50 Price includes

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